Sunday, 31 January 2016

20 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello Lovelies!

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant (aka half way through my pregnancy)!
As you guys know from my last post, I struggled during the first 4 and half months of pregnany miserably. I am still a little sick till now and discovered the hard way that I can't stop my diclectin basically until I'm done this pregnancy. Diclectin by the way, is a Canadian medication made for pregnant women that helps prevent nausea and sickness. I have been on it since the beginning and it didn't really start to work well for me until a week ago. I ran out of it on New Years eve and the next day when all the stores were closed I threw up all day and all night, like 8 times! It was awful! Its very expensive medication but I have no choice but to keep taking it because it is the only thing that helps.
So my bump is really starting to make an appearance now. It is very firm and large. I definitely can't get away without looking pregnant now. The only good thing about throwing up for 4 months is that you lose a lot of weight. Its definitely not how I wanted it to happen, but I lost 25lbs so far so I have not seen any weight gain from the baby yet. Just to show you the difference of weight loss in my face below is before and after.
The picture above was taken the day I find out I was pregnant, so October 13, 2015

These pictures were taken a few days ago. 
As you can see even my skin is dull and my lips are so dry. I don't know where people get this pregnancy glow they all talk about but let me tell ya, Im not glowing! I have never looked worse!
I lost a lot of weight in my hips and stomach and butt. All that is left is the baby bump now which is a little hard to get used to. 
The one thing no one really tells you about is the growing pains you get while pregnant. I always have this constant dull period like pain around my lower abdomen which I assume is growing pains since my uterus is stretching and my bones and ligaments are moving to make room for this baby.
What am I having?
I am having a baby boy! I totally knew it too, I've been calling him a he since I found out I was pregnant. lol I just felt that it was a boy. I'm excited more now about the idea of a boy, I always really wanted a girl first. As for names everyone in my family is pressuring me to name him after my late father in law but I really hate that tradition. I live in Canada and I want my child to have a simple name that can be easily pronounced. No one could say my name growing up and people made fun of it so I don't want to put my kid through that. I plan on naming him what I see fit.
As for cravings, I have the most random cravings sometimes. I have craved mashed potatoes, fruits, sour candy and chocolate. Just all over the place, but mainly sweet stuff! I pretty much can't stand eating meat and chicken. It grosses me out which is weird because I have never been like that. I guess when you puke so much of a certain food you are scarred for life to ever eat it again! 
Here's a little bump shot. I took it last week so my stomach is even bigger now but this is the best I could give you guys for now. Sorry for the mess in the background. Pretty much depicts my life right now! lol

I will try to continuously update you guys about how things are going as soon as I get my life back together! <3

Monday, 4 January 2016

Where have I been?

Hello Lovelies!

Long time no talk, eh! I hate that I completely dropped off the earth these past few months. I literally don't even remember the last time I took a selfie or put makeup on. So for those of you who don't know mainly because I literally have not announced it, I am pregnant. I found out I was pregnant after I got back from Lebanon and it has been a whirlwind of emotions because it was not planned but Subhanallah this is God's plan and Alhamdilah no matter what! 
Anyway I have been incredibly ill since I found out I was pregnant. The symptoms hit me hard and I am 16 weeks (4 months) along and still suffering from extreme nausea and vomitting. It has been very hard for me to leave my house or do anything. I can't work or eat or do much really. Any smell triggers vomitting so I haven't been able to live at my apartment with my husband because of the smells of the building and other apartments. I've basically been living at my parents house for the past few months. The fact that smells bother me also means I can't stand the scent of most makeup so I haven't put any on in ages. Honestly things like makeup and clothes seem so unimportant when you don't have your health. Either way it has been really difficult so far and I hate to sound so negative but this really is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through.
I want to continue to do pregnancy type updates until I can get back on my feet and hopefully get over this sickness. I miss you guys and miss reading your posts but honestly most days I don't even have the energy to turn my laptop on and read. 
Anyway just wanted to say hi and that I'm still alive! Thanks to those who have asked about me and wish me luck!