Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Top 5 Fall Blushes!

Hello Lovelies!

Fall is coming people! I love the fall so much, it is easily my favourite time of the year! I love the weather and the fashion and especially the makeup! Cheek products are my favourite beauty items, especially blush! I love blush and I have so many favourites for the fall!
 I love these shades for Fall, they are deeper but if applied correctly you won't end up looking like a clown!
First up is the Colour Pop blush in the shade Cheerios! Its a beautiful deep burgundy shade and gives a gorgeous deep look to the cheeks that looks great on a tan! Its beautiful with a deep red lip for fall!
This blush is a beautiful shimmery deep mauve colour. It is gorgeous on the cheeks. It has a beautiful shimmer to it and I love using it when I do a full glam look.
Next is this gorgeous blush!
This blush is one of my absolute favourite blushes of all time! Its a gorgeous brick burnt orange shade. I love how it looks on my skintone! Its also super pigmented and lasts all day! Obsessed with this baby!
You can buy this Deca blush at Trade Secrets!
This next blush is a matte plum/brown shade. This shade looks scary and it kinda is because its very pigmented and can get really dark really quickly! However if applied softly and the excess is tapped off it gives a really nice deep look to the cheeks! Its great for the fall as well because its matte!
Lastly is another blush from Colour Pop. Its a really pretty purple shade that is great for transitioning into fall and even into winter. Its definitely an interest shade but I love it for this time of the year!
Below is a photo *with flash*
These are all the blushes I'm super excited about the Fall if you couldn't tell! 
Lol anyway I hope you enjoyed the read! 
Let me know what blushes you will be wearing this Fall!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review: Sure Thik Hair Thickening Products

Hello Lovelies!

I am back with a little bit of a different kind of post but I really felt the need to review a product like this because a lot of people may suffer from thin hair or bald patches. My dad is the one who actually tested this product out for me as he has quite a few bald patches and is losing his hair with age. LOL he was very excited to try this!
This produt is called Sure Thik and it is a fibre based product that you sprinkle into thin hair. It is supposed to grab on to the existing hairs on your head and hold there. Then you are meant to set it with the spray it comes with.
This prouct makes quite a few claims:
- Won't streak
- Budge proof
- Water Proof
- Only comes off with soap and water in the shower
- Sweat proof
As you can see below we have my dad's head in the before picture. 
Then below is the After picture.
 As you cam see if there isn't already existing hair in the area the product can't hold on to anything. In my dad's case this sort of a product helps achieve a thicker hair look but doesn't fill the area completetly where there is more severe hair loss. 

After 10 hours of wear:
My dad told me that when he was out in the rain for about a minute the product streaked down his head like running mascara. It made a mess and didn't live up to the claims unfortunately. He told me he probably wouldn't use it again because it doesn't really benefit him.

This product would benefit someone who wants a fuller look for an event or maybe someone with long hair who just wants to have the look of thicker roots. Please note this product was sent to me and these are the honest opinions of my father and I.

Let me know if you've tried a product like this and what you think!

Friday, 18 September 2015

MOTD: Gold and Burgundy

Hello Lovelies!

As previously mentioned, I freaking love the fall!! Its my favourite time of the year because of how all the trees change colour and the weather is gorgeous! I decided to play with some golds, reds and burgundy shades and this is what I came up with! I hope you guys like it!
I love pairing very warm tones with winged eyeliner for the fall!
Eye look up close is below!
I mixed the lip colours deep and fig together to get this colour!
All the products I used are below!
Marc Jacobs - Instamarc Highlight and Contour Duo
MUFE - Contour highlighter duo
EX1 Invisiwear Foundation - F300
MUG Single Eyeshadows in the shades - bitten, cocoa bear, creme brulee, magic act (foiled)
Too Faced - Bette than sex mascara
MUFE - Step 1 primer in the green corrector shade
Ofra Cosmetics - Eyeshadow in the shade Bliss
Morphe - Gel liner in Black
EX1 - Blush
Sephora Matte lip cream - Deep and Fig
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer - Neutralizer
I love this look for fall! It is a bit much but I like an extravagant look, lol! I hope you guys enjoyed!
Let me know what you think below!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Airplane Essentials!

Hello Lovelies!

Since I will be doing some flying this month I thought I would share my airplane essentials! I don't really like wearing makeup on a long flight because I end up breaking out really bad. Airplanes dehydrate your skin because of the recycled air being pumped through it. I always break out but this time in order to combat that, I have packed some imporant essentials!
These are all great products that I am excited to use on the airplane! They are all travel size products as well so make sure you get travel size items for travel or else they will confiscate any liquids or gels over 50 ml!
Lets get into them!
First off is the most important thing of all which is hand sanitizer! Everyone needs hand sanitizer when they are travelling because you don't wanna catch some disease from another country and it helps minimize germs! 
Next is a lip balm! The key to travel is to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized, including you lips! 
Next is the facial spray from Evian. Its just a fancy water but its so refreshing to spray your face every few hours when you feel kind of gross and dry!
This is a little mini version of the Ole Henriksen eye gel. Its really hydrating and great to just dab on under my eyes before I sleep! Once again, you really wanna moisturize on planes!
This little guy is a mini l'Occitane hand cream. I love this stuff, it doesn't leave a greasy feel to my hands, sinks right in!
This is the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud hydrating treatment. It is INCREDIBLE!! I know these masks are so damn expensive but I swear they are so worth it. This one is great for hydrating the face. You can put a thin layer of it all over the face and just use it as a sleeping mask and wen you wake up your skin feels amazing!!
I won't actually be taking the whole tub with me but I'm putting some into a mini little container.
Next is the Clinique moisture surge moisturizer! Its my favourite one ever! It absorbs into my skin so quick and its so great to apply before starting your makeup!
Last is a sheet mask from Sephora! Any sheet mask would work, I just happened to have this one! Its just another great way to keep your skin nourished!

I am going to be taking off in a few hours today and so I thought I would get this post up now! Enjoy and let me know what your travel essentials are!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow Expansion Set

Hello Lovelies!

I have had these babies in my cart for months and months and I finally bit the bullet and bought them! I am going to a wedding in Lebanon and so I will be doing a lot of people's makeup and these foiled shadows are necessary!! 
They are amazing for glam eyeshadow looks! I already bought the first set when they came out and loved them so I had to get my hands on these eventually! Each shadow retails for $9.99 and if you want the set of ten they retail for $89.
I placed them in my Z palette that I got off Nail Polish Canada. Love Z palettes so much!
This first shade is a gorgeous orange toned gold. Its so incredibly pigmented and metallic. I did a look with this all over the lid and loved it!
Next is a vibrant gold shade. This gold is like 24 kt toned gold, very yellow! Its such a cool shade! I don't own anything like it in my collection and so its a great one to have for a unique eyeshadow look!
Fantasy is such a cool pale mint green! Its amazing and stunning on the lids! I love it with some browns in the crease!
Daydreamer is one of my favourite shades! Its this stunning lavender shade and it looks gorgeous with the shade masquerade in the outer corner. I love it so much with my brown eyes, really makes them pop!
Charmed is a beautiful antiqued silver. It kind of has a green tint to it, just incredible! I also don't have anything like this shade in my collection! So unique!
This one is my favourite! Half of the reason I bought this set was for this shadow! Its a gorgeous vibrant seafoam blue colour. I've already popped this on the bottom lash line with any bronzey eyeshadow look and it was amazing!!
Masquerade is a gorgeous warm jewel toned purple shade! Its a great shade to have and its not overly metallic or glittery so it looks beautiful blended in the outer corner of the eye!
High Wire is a cool tone silver with blue undertones. It is very pretty but not my favourite simply because I don't like silver eyeshadows on me. Its still really nice to pair with certain shades on the eyes!
Whimsical is a pale baby pink shade with silver metallic glitter in it! It is beautiful with a cool tone eye look! Great for a glam eyeshadow look or even a bridal makeup look!
Starry Eyed is a beautiful champagne pink shade! It is the most wearable shade in the bunch! It works with every single eye look and it makes the inner corner in the eye pop!
These are all the swatches on the shadows! The formula is really cool because it has oils in it to give it that foiled look. They are all so pigmented and metallic without using a mixing medium or fix +. I love them and they are one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas! (My fave eyeshadow formula is their regular line of shadows, especially the mattes!)
Love them!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I love these shadows and I really strongly recommend them! They are bright and pigmented and apply great with your fingers or a brush! Love them to bits!
Let me know if you own any of them!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Ipsy Glambag

Hello Lovelies!

I just got my August Ipsy glambag a few days ago and so I thought I would share! 
This month I got a mix of redeemed points products and the actual items in my glambag!
Lets get into it!
The bag is so cute and has a really nice feel to it! Very good quality!
First up is the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in the shade Elegantly Wasted. The formula is an amazing cream formula! Applies super opaque and streak free with two coats!
This is a Hikari lipgloss in the shade Merlot.
As you can see there was no doe foot applicator. But I spoke with Ipsy and they are sending me a new one. I didn't really like the formula. It is very pigmented but sooooo sticky! I hate really sticky glosses.
The shade is pretty though!
Next is a Briogeo hair product. I've heard many great things about the Briogeo hair care line. they are sold at Sephora. I haven't tried this yet but Im hoping it does it what it says!
This is a face wash by the brand Lather. I've never heard of them before and I have yet to try this but hopefully its good. I really am not a fan of when Ipsy sends me skincare. I have my own things I use regularly.
Next is an eyeliner they sent from Skinn Cosmetics. Its a navy blue shade. Its a nice shade and its creamy enough to use as an eyeshadow base. I think its actually quite nice!
And these are the products that I redeemed my points for! I actually love these babies a lot more than what I got in my glambag!
I redeemed this CC Cream by It Cosmetics for 500 points. I've always wanted to try it and so I thought I would spend my points on it. Its nice but doesn't really last very long on my oily skin.
Next is is a Luxie Cosmetics single eyeshadow pan in the shade 105. I love it so much! The formula is very comparable to Makeup Geek and the shade is perfect for fall! Im obsessed! Best 250 points spent!
There it is swatched!
The last baby I redeemed 250 points for is the eyeshadow/highlighter pan by Ofra Cosmetics in the shade Bliss. This shade is a cult favourite and I love it so much! The pan is much bigger than a typical MAC shadow. You get so much product and I've used it everyday since I got it!
The camera really doesn't do it justice! Its awesome!

There you have it lovelies! I know its kinda late but I received it quite late. Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you own any of these guys!

If you guys wanna join, you can use this link!