Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to Depot MAC Eyeshadows: Quick and Easy!

Hello Lovelies!

A friend of mine was complaining about how hard it was to have enough products to bring to Mac for their bac-2-mac program. I told her that I depot my shadows and take the containers back and she didn't realize she could do that, so this post is dedicated to her and anyone else who wants to know how to depot their shadows in less than 5 minutes!
It is so much more convenient to depot shadows and put them in an empty palette than to have a bunch of shadow pots everywhere. I get more use out of my shadows when they are in a palette so hopefully this helps some of you lovely people!

These are the things you'll need:
A MAC shadow
A candle
A lighter
A knife or pointy tweezers (anything with a sharp point to it)
A tissue or paper towel
A regular pair of tweezers
1. Remove Top Disc off shadow pot
Start by taking your sharp pointed tweezers or knife and wedge it into the side of the of pot like shown below. The shadow pan sits in a little disc and its very easy to remove this way.
It'll make a little popping noise and lift off like shown in the picture below. Then continue to do the same thing to other corner.
Once you wedge the tweezers into the other side the top disc should pop out. Looks like the picture below.
2. Melt the bottom of disc
Light the candle.
Take the other pair of twizzers and pick up the disc.
Get a good grip on it and hold it over the lit candle. Wave it over the flame but dont hold it too close to it. The flame doesn't have to touch the plastic of the disc, just wave it over gently.
3. Remove Pan
Set the disc down on a paper towel. Its hot so please be careful! Take the tweezers and push down on the pack of the disc to help push the pan out. 
Push down on the plastic.
As you can see below, the pan will lift off. You can easily grab the pan off at this point. Just be careful because it will still be a little hot!
You can see the glue on the bottom of the pan. You want that glue for the next step.
Place the pan facing down on the paper towel like in the picture below.
4. Remove Sticker
You still want the sticker of course so you have the name of the shadow on the back of it.
Take the pot and hold it sideways over the flame.
The sticker will bubble a little bit making it easy to stick the tweezers under and pull it off.
The sticker also has some glue on it, so while its still hot tack it right onto the back of the eyeshadow pan.
There you go! You have a beautifully depotted eyeshadow pan and it didn't ruin the eyeshadow at all.
Now after the disc has cooled off take the disc and pop it right back into place on the pot.
Then you can take it back to MAC once you have enough and get yourself a free product!

I've got a bag of stuff that I have to take back soon and I can't wait to get a free lipstick!
Hopefully this helps one of you guys! Its so easy and honestly takes less than five minutes, I do it all the time!


  1. Wow, nice idea.. Its so easy and convenient . Loved it <3
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  2. Great tips:) kisses

  3. Great idea! :)

  4. Great tutorial! I have so many eyeshadows in bulky packaging that I really need to depot!

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  6. OMG! this is so helpful I never knew that :D
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  8. That's a really wonderful idea jenan ! :-)

  9. Wow what a great idea!
    So sad that in my country you can't get free products with this method.. :(
    I have to bring my empties with me when I go on holiday.

    1. That sucks!!! Mac's back to mac program is supposed to be universal, definitely save them for if you travel!

  10. This is so cool, I was just thinking the same as the girl above, pretty sure you can't do this in my country either! Sucks!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
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    1. Aww thats awful! Maybe try asking, it could be worth looking into!

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