Friday, 26 June 2015

Makeup Review: Colour Pop Highlighters

Hello Lovelies!

I have been so busy that I finally am now getting a chance to review these amazing Colour Pop highlighters! You all now how much I love this brand and they are growing so fast and continuing to produce amazing new products all the time! Some of these amazing products being their highlighters!
I bought 7 of them because they had so many colour choices and everything was so pretty!
My camera isn't doing them much justice but they are absolutely stunning and have a gorgeous reflect to them!
These are up close pictures of each pot.
This pot came in a little broken. I guess it happens quite a bit and since its a very squishy product, you can easily squish it back together. Its just a very soft product so it can break like that from the shipping. I didn't mind but I thought I should let you know!
These are my initial one swipe swatches, they are so beautiful and everyone of every skin tone can find the perfect highlight for their complexion!
They are so pretty!!

These are their names, Colour Pop always has really fun names!
My favourite shade is definitely Monster. I wish the camera was doing it justice because it has this incredible pinky purple shift to it and once its on the skin it has the most incredible glow! I am obsessed with it!!

They are easy to apply too! I use a tapered synthetic brush, or a small duo fibre stippling brush. You can even use your fingers and achieve a beautifully blended look. I am going to give them a 10/10 because I honestly cannot fault them. They are so affordable but have the quality of a high end product! I haven't been able to stop using them!

So... awkward transition... I have Snapchat!! I love using it and its really fun and I think it would be a cool way to connect with you lovelies on another level. I would be able to take mini videos of swatches to really show you the magic of these highlighters! SO you can add me by scanning the picture below or leave your user name in the comments, I would love to add you!


  1. Even though Sticky Sweet came out broken, I think the pigmentation makes up for it! Wow! It's gorgeous! I think it's my favourite among all the already beautiful shades <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  2. I definitely plan on getting more of these highlighters! I have been using avalon almost daily!

    1. I love avalon so much on the cheeks as a blush topper! Its stunning!

  3. Cool shades!

  4. I've never used a highlighter - they really do look stunning. The shimmer and the Monster color is gorgeous. I like the look of Wisp a lot!!

    1. Wisp is so beautiful!! Love it and you should definitely try some highlighters!

  5. Great review.


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