Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Beauty Essentials for Spring!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited to be doing this post because I've been rocking some makeup looks with these products over the past week or so! I have really been loving the nicer weather and really moving out of the winter makeup looks! I've pulled some things from my collection that are my essentials for spring! Enjoy!
For spring I want to move awawy from the super matte skin and go for more natural fresh looks. I want to my skin to look very natural and skin like while still maintaining the coverage I want. My favourite bases are the Smashbox Primer Water and my Evian facial spray. 
I use the Smashbox primer water to prime my face and it really does prime, I am really liking it so far. Then I use my evian facial spray to spray my brush and then blend my foundation. That way it sheers out the foundation a bit and transforms matte foundations into more dewy ones. 
For foundations I want to go for very natural looking foundations that have skin benefits. BB creams and CC creams are great for that. 
I love my garnier bb cream so much for spring! I like to pop some of the cover fx custom cover drops to adjust the undertone and they both create a very flawless natural look. It wears well during the spring as it is not too hot!
I've been loving the new Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer lately. It doesn't crease and it almost puts a filter over your skin. It is sooooo flawless and lightweight and I love it!! The Maybelline fit me concealer is also such a great option!
These blushes are my favourite colours for Spring! They are just gorgeous purples, pinks and bright flushes of coral. Absolutely stunning for spring!
These are some of my favourite Colour Pop shadows for spring! These shades are great all over the lid with a simple brown shade blended into the crease.
For Spring I love wearing nude, pink and peachy orange glosses! I wear lipsticks that are lighter pinks and top them with a nice sheer gloss to give them a nice shine. Its a nice change from all the matte liquid lipsticks that were on trend during the fall/winter. I love the Colour pop lippie stix in the shade Frida and I also have been really loving my Gerard Cosmetics lipglosses in the shades nude and salmon.

Those were all my Spring time essentials! Hopefully you guys liked them! Let me know what you think and what you like using in the Spring!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Beauty Sponges: Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Hello Lovelies!

I have been wanting to do this post for a while now so here it is! The smackdown between the very loved Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. 
They are two comparable beauty sponges that are designed to apply makeup flawlessly and provide a natural sheered out look. There are plenty of ways you can use the two sponges and I will let you know how I use them!
So to start off, the Beauty Blender is a higher end sponge that can be purchased on several websites and Sephora stores. It retails for $26 which is quite expensive for a sponge but it quite different than your typical sponge. 

The Real Techniques sponge is an affordable beauty sponge that can be purchased at Ulta, Winners, some Wal-marts and online at the Real Techniques website. This sponge retails for $5.99 which is such a great price for this sponge. 
I have 4 sponges so I was able to demonstrate how the sponges both look when dry and when they are damp. As you can see they expand in size and in my opinion beauty sponges are meant to be used wet! It applies flawlessly when used damp.

A lot of people believe that the beauty blender cannot be duped but I truly believe that the Real Techniques sponge is a great alternative. Here's why:
- Both sponges are meant to be used wet.
- Both sponged expand when wet.
- Both sponges apply makeup flawlessly
- Both sponges apply liquid foundation and powders wonderfully
- Both sponges pick up excess foundation and can be used to sheer out foundation

The main difference is that the Beauty Blender has a very unique bounce to it. When it is wet and you squish it between your fingers it sinks all the way in. It has a thinner more airy sponge. Its hard to explain and thats why I have attached a photo. 
When you squish the Real Techniques sponge it is thicker. Your fingers don't squish down all the way. Also the real techniques sponge tends to retain a little bit more water even after it is rung out. I prefer that fact though because that means it stays damp the whole time your applying foundation. 
 *Dry sponges*
*Wet sponges*
Overall the two sponges apply the foundation and concealer the exact same way. I love the two of them equally. If you are trying to save some money get the Real Techniques option and if you have a little money to splurge the Beauty Blender is worth it. They are both wonderful sponges!

Let me know if you've tried any or both! I would love to read your opinions and if you haven't tried them I strongly recommend you do! It could really change your makeup game!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Makeup Review: Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back with another review of a product that I hauled during the Sephora VIB sale. When this product came out I was so psyched to get it and I was unfortunately disappointed with it. I love Kat Von D's makeup products and usually they are great but this one in particular just didn't do it for me.
 As you can see tha palette is gorgeous. It is a completely matte palette and the colours will suit everyone as there is a clear variety of neutral, cool tone and warm tone shadows.
This was the back of the box, it had the names of all the shadows.
This was the front of the palette. I always love the packaging of Kat Von D's palettes. They are very good quality packages and come with a good size mirror.
 The neutral shades
 The cool tone shades
 The warm tone shades
The selection of shadows really intrigued me. I figured this palette would be perfect for travel as an all matte palette of go to crease shades, etc. Unfortunately matte shadows are very difficult to perfect and this palette was a dud for me. 
 These are finger swactches with multiple dips into the palette to achieve these colours. I normally only dip my finger once with makeup geek shadows and achieve amazing pigmentation right off the bat but these shadows took some building. 
 The more building the patchier they get. They were extremely difficult to blend on the lids. I enjoy effortless shadows like the Lorac palettes or the Makeup Geek shadows. I don't even have to think about when using those shadows but these ones were giving me a hard time and I felt like any look I did turned out very muddy. This palette also had a lot of kick up and fallout. The shadows were quite powdery and I kept having to blow on it which just wasted product.
 I really tried to makeup them work but they looked so muddy. I just didn't enjoy this palette and I will be returning it. I love their Shade Light palette for the face so much so I expected great things from this palette but unfortunately I was not impressed. 

Sorry for the negativity but I just want to be honest. I would rate this palette a 4/10. I love the shade range but the shadows are not overly pigmented. They are patchy and look muddy on me. Of course people will have different experiences but this is just my honest opinion. Hope this was helpful!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Makeup Review: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am writing about a new revolutionary product. Read carefully so you can fully understand how awesome this product is! This is the new Cover FX Customer Cover Drops. This product claims to be able to mix with foundations, primers, moisturizers, oils, serums, etc in order to create the perfect custom foundation. They are simply drops of pure pigment to mix with various bases. It was created for makeup artists and anyone really to be able to change foundation shades or mix colours with different bases to suit their clients. 
 I picked the shade G30. It is too light for me but I bought it on purpose so I could mix it with my foundation shades that are too dark. So far I really like though and I'll probably buy the shade that is my actual skintone later.
 So in order to demonstrate how this product works I laid out 3 different products. The first one is a  facial serum, second is a foundation and the third is a silicone based primer from Maybelline. 
 The Cover FX drops come with a little derum type dropper. The website says 1 drop gives sheer coverage, 2 drops give light coverage, 3 drops give medium coverage and 4 drops give absolute full coverage. I used 2 drops in each base.

 As you can see they blend so well with the pigment drops to make great custom foundation. 
 Mixing it with the Baby Skin primer didn't achieve the best outcome. The primer is very silicone based so it would not make an ideal base. However I'm sure I could make it work on my skin had I applied with a brush.
 This was my favourite consistency and I bought the cover fx drops mainly to mix with other foundations. It mixed so flawlessly with the other foundation.
This was the drops mixed with the serum and I have to say it was nice but it sunk into every fine line and wrinkle on my handle. Probably because serums don't preform like foundations. Either way the pigment mixed very well with the serum.

I am very impressed with this product. Cover FX really did a great job with these drops and they have a large shade range. Makeup artists would really benefit from having a few of these in their kit. You can even change the undertones of certain foundations which is really great!
Let me know what you think of this product!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Makeup Review: Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo #2

Hello Lovelies!

This past Sunday was the VIB Rouge event at Sephora and I went for the first time. It was really nice and of course I went a little crazy. More like a lot crazy, I bought some stuff! So I have a lot of new products to review. This one is up first!

So this is the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo in shade 2. It is another contouring/highlighting product that is on the market and I have mixed feelings on it. 
 The colour of the highlight is actually very gold in person! It is absolutely stunning and I bought this duo pretty much only for the highlight.
 This is it with a heavy swatch and under it is a blended out swatched. It is stunning in person and the camera is really not doing it justice.
This is the contouring/bronzing shade. Now this is marketed as a sculpting duo so I was surprised to see how orange the power was. I was quite disappointed with it because I can't really bronze my face with because of how orange it is and I definitely can't use it to contour. (Contour shades should be cool tone browns with ashy/gray undertones in order to create a proper shadow)
I have the highlight on my cheekbones, lightly tapped on my eyelids and tiny bit on my nose. I am not wearing the bronzing shade because it was quite orange and the look I was going for didn't really need a bronzer that shade.
 lol I cannot take myself seriously when I pull these faces but I'm only posting them so you can see the highlight in action. 

So here is the verdict. I like this duo a lot but really only for the highlight. The highlight is so gorgeous it almost makes up for how disappointing the bronzing powder is. In terms of the bronzing shade, I am really bummed by how orange it is. I am going to make it work, probably as an eyeshadow because it would be gorgeous as an eyeshadow but still that is not its main purpose so it kinda sucks.

In terms of pigmentation, the two shades are very pigmented, they have such an interesting formula. They are not powdery, they are quite buttery to the touch and apply and blend really nice! The highlight is finely milled and it looks stunning on the cheekbone

Overall I would give this product a 7/10 just because I dont like the orange tone of the bronzing powder. I would honestly recommend picking up the compact just for the highlight shade. I do really the compact and the the bronzing shade would make a gorgeous blush or eyeshadow but in general I would never use it for its main purpose.

Friday, 10 April 2015

My Top Favourite Beauty Girls on Youtube

Hello lovelies!

I am a serious subcriber to all things beauty on youtube and I am subscribed to so many incredible beauty lovers that do tutorials and reviews. I have compiled a list of my top favourite beauty gurus on youtube and I've written why I love them all so much! I typically subscribe to people for specific purposes; either we have a similar eyeshape, or similar skin concerns (oily, combo), or I love their reviews! I hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you are subscribed to some of these lovely ladies! *These are in no particular order*

1. Coffee Break With Dani
I absolutely love this woman! She doesn't like to refer to herself as a youtuber or guru but she does beauty blogs and she is my favourite all time beauty vlogger!! Her name is Dani and she does beauty tutorials, reviews, hauls and tips! I love her energy and enthusiasm so much! I feel like I know her and that I am her friend because she really makes her viewers feel that way! She is very interactive and I just love waking up to finding her videos in my sub box! She is on maternity leave temporarily but she will be back soon! Her link is below:

2. Chloe Morello
This Australian beauty is a down to earth makeup artist that I have watched for years! I love her videos so much because of how diverse she is. She attempts to reach all of her audiences by doing tutorials to suit everyone! They are so great and she makes everything look super easy. She is all about a simply flawless look, there are never too many steps to her looks! She can be funny and silly sometimes she never takes her self too seriously! Love her!
Her link is below:

3. Tati - Glamlifeguru
This lovely lady is Tati from Glamlifeguru! She is a makeup artist and does beauty tips, hauls, amazing reviews, and tutorials! She does the most amazing beauty reviews on youtube and usually if she likes a product I will like it too! Her voice is so calming and soothing and she is enthusiastic about products but not overbearing. I love her videos and her interactiveness with her viewers. She is really great about letting her viewers know what is new at the drugstore and in high end spectrum of beauty!
Her link is below:

4. Jaclyn Hill
This gorgeous beauty needs no introduction, for she is the amazing Jaclyn Hill. She blew up so quick on youtube because of how loveable and talented she is. She is one of my absolute favourite youtubers and I love every single one of her videos! She is hilarious and energetic and so makeup crazy! Everything she loves sells out almost immediately after videos come out because she is a makeup artist and knows what she is talking about. I love that we have similar eyeshapes because I can emulate her tutorials on myself really well! I love this woman so much, everyone should watch her videos!
Her link is below:

5. NikkieTutorials
This woman here is the OG of beauty gurus on youtube! She has been doing this thing for a long time and I would consider her the queen! She is so incredibly talented! Her imagination for makeup looks are just insane and I love watching her change her eyeshape completely sometimes! Its so cool and she also does beauty favourites which I love to watch! Show this girl some love and subscribe! You will not regret it!
Her link is below:

6. Batalash
Once again another incredibly talented beauty vlogger! The Batalash channel is comprised of three makeup artists. The main girl being Samantha! I love her because seriously look at that talent! He tutorials are incredible and they do wearable and non wearable looks! Their looks are so inspiring and I love watching them! The girls are all very down to earth and they are Canadian as well which is a plus! haha 
Her link is below:

7. Kathleen Fuentes - Kathleenlights
This lovely is the adorable Kathleen Fuentes! She is a stunnign beauty blogger that does hauls, reviews, swatches and tutorials! She is so funny, especially when she says "Das espensive" lool! She loves affordable makeup just as much as the next girl and she always has great product recommendations. I just love her chatty videos and I know all of you will love them too!
Her link is below:

8. Nicole Guerriero
This lovely has been doing videos for a while now too and I have been watching her videos for years! She also does tutorials, favourites, beauty tips and hauls! I love her and her videos, she is super down to earth and I enjoy her presence so much! She changes her hair a lot too so its never boring with her! Show her some love people!
Her link is below:

9. Nicole - Youngwildandpolished
This woman is absolutely hilarious! I live for her bloopers and her camel toe/twitter bitches jokes! She does amazing reviews, tutorials, hauls and brand recommendations! Her videos are long which is just how I like them and the posts a lot! I never get bored of her because she is so energetic and excited about beauty products! Everyone go show her some love as well!
Her link is below: