Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Top Favourite Face Makeup Brushes

Hello Ladies!

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite face makeup brushes! I have quite a few and they are all very affordable I promise!
 These lovelies are all my favourite face brushes! I have more but these are the ones I prefer to use and have never failed me. They are all affordable brushes that I've purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, Ulta and Ebay! 
 The first brush here is the a part of the Real Techniques Core Collection. This brush is the contour brush. I love using it specifically for contouring. Its the perfect shape for carving out cheekbones into a perfect contoured blend. The set can be purchased here. It can also be found at Wal-Mart which is where I buy all of my real techniques brush sets.
This brush is an angled buffing brush that I got from Ebay. I love using this to quickly buff concealeer under my eyes or to actually buff my foundation in. I just searched makeup brushes on ebay and found this amazing set. I think people underestimate how amazing ebay is and I've been using it for years to get amazing products for super cheap. This brush came in a set of 8. Here's a link. These brushes are incredible and I've been using them for years. They are synthetic brushes are most of my face brushes are. They clean so well and never shed! I love to death and heres the best part. The set of 8 brushes cost me about $15!! Ladies get your hands on these! They're available all over ebay!
 This brush is one of the brushes in my ebay set. Its a flat top kabuki brush, basically exactly like the Sigma F80 brush that costs an arm and leg! lol but this brush is truly amazing! It blends foundation flawlessly and I absolutely love it!
 This brush is a buffing brush that also came with my ebay set. I love this brush because it buffs the foundation into my skin so well. It makes the foundation actually sink into my skin rather than sit on top of it. Its so easy and effortless and when I dont want to think about it, I love using this brush!
 This brush came in my the Core Collections brush set from Real techniques, link is above! This is a fluffy buffing brush. Its so great for buffing foundation as well but it is not as dense as the brush above it. I really enjoy using this brush with thick foundations because it sheers them out nicely while still providing coverage. It makes foundations buff so great that they don't look cakey. 
 This is the expert face brush by Real Techniques. This brush is sold separate and the link is here. I was in America a few months back and I drove down to Ulta and bought this brush there. While it is a small brush for my face, it is dense and not round so it fits into every little corner and edge around my face. As usual it buffs foundation wonderfully into my skin. 
 This brush the blush brush by Sonia Kashuk. I bought this little guy at Target and I bought because I had heard so many good things about it. It is really great and has quickly become my favourite blush brush. It's fluffy and fits perfectly onto my cheek. It applies blush so perfectly without making it look patchy.
This is another real techniques brush and it is the blush brush. The link to purchase it is here. I tried this as a bluch brush but I didn't really like it for that. I found that using it as a powder brush to set my foundation and undereye concealer was so great! Its long and fluffy and because of that it makes applying translucent powders all over the face look really nice and not cakey. 

Alright, these are all my favourite face brushes! Let me know if you have any of these or if you recommend something else. I do use the beauty blender and the real techniques complexion sponge but I didn't mention them because I plan on making a post on them alone soon!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Makeup Review: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Hello again!

I'm back with another review and this one is a product I have had my eye on for so long! Today I am reviewing the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighting powder by The Balm cosmetics. This highlighter is quite expensive in Canada. In stores its sold for about $38. 

I was on Hautelook one day and for those of you who don't know, Hautelook is a flash sale website that does flash sales every day on various brands. They give amazing discounts and its a website I have really enjoyed using for the past few months! So Hautelook had like 70% or 80% off the Balm cosmetics a few weeks back and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snag this highlighter. It was only $12! Such a steal for the product it is!
 This is the packaging for the product. The Balm always has super cute almost vintage inspired pictures on their packaging. Very 50's and 60's! They have two other luminizers: the Cindy-Lou Manizer and the Betty-Lou Manizer. 
 The Betty highlighter is a very bronzey shade that would suitable for deep skin tones and the Cindy highlighter is more on the pink side. It would suit people with very fair skin. The Mary highlighter is more for fair to medium skin tones as it is a very pale gold highlight.
 As you can see the powder has very finely milled pale gold shimmer with almost a white base. It is stunning on the cheekbones and it is INTENSE!! Like if you are looking for an inner glow type of slight sheen this product is not going to give you that. This is intense and it can be used for so many things like highlighting the inner corner and can even be used as an eyeshadow.
This is the product swatched with my finger and then I used what was remaining on my finger and blended it to the side so you can see what it might look like on the cheekbones! It really is a stunning product and I would give it an A+!

Let me know if you have this or any of the other Balm highlighters!

Friday, 20 February 2015

The CBB Tag

Hello people!

So as most of you know I live in Canada and sometimes I can't help but feel like the we're the underdogs in the beauty industry. Our makeup is ridiculously mroe expensive here and we don't have as many brands as the US does and there aren't as many beauty events that happen outside of Toronto. It kinda sucks but I came across the CBB (Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network) and I realized how many Canadian beauty bloggers there were out there and they had built such a cool happy place to talk and share advice and sales and tips! Its been so nice talking with all of the lovely people on it and I've gotten some great tips already! One of the beauty bloggers on the network made this tag called the CBB tag! So here it is :)
1. What was the first makeup item you ever purchased?
Probably my lip smacker lip balms! Love those little things, they bring back good memories!
2. What colour/type of lipstick is taking over your collection?
Right now anything matte is taking over my collection but I would have to say I'm really into the fig/purple/mauve/brown type shades and they have taken over my collection!
3. What is the best drug store brand item you have ever purchased?
I love Maybelline in general and their matte lipsticks are probably my favourite purchase yet! Aside from that my fave drugstore item in general is the the Rimmel eyeliner in nude! Great liner for the waterline!
4. Name one high end item that is at the top of your wishlist and why.
Right now I really want the Kat Von D monarch palette. Thats about as high end as I get :)
5. Which beauty item do you have a hard time saying "no" to?
Lip products always get me, I have the most of them in my collection and I can never say no!
6. Show us a picture of an item from your stash that has the best packaging.
This is so hard for me but I'm choosing this foundation because the packaging is functional and phenominal. It's rose gold, it has a pump and every time you pump out foundation theres this platform thing that pushes the foundation up so there is no product wasted. It litterally cleans the bottle completely! This is my second bottle and I love the foundation to death but if you look at the bottom of the glass part, you can kinda see what I mean with the platform. Theres a little space where you can tell I've already used some of the foundation.
7. Which beauty technique would you like to master?
I would have to say cut crease eye shadow looks. I feel like its hard with my eye shape for some reason.
8. What does your beauty storage station look like?
It's coming along, I dont really like it so much right now and once I've changed what I want to change about it, I will do a post on it!
9. What is the best part of being a CBB?
The facebook group is great because thats where I can chat and ask questions with all the other bloggers!
10. Which brand do you wish was available in Canada, but isn't?
There are so many I wish were sold here but I would have to say Lorac. 
11. Explain your one beauty discovery that totally changed the makeup game for you.
Contouring and highlighting really changed my makeup game. I feel like I can do it in five minutes now and that my makeup is incomplete if I dont highlight and contour my face! Doing it has really changed my makeup game!
12. Pick one palette from your collection - Show us a picture and tell us why you love it!
Aside from my makeup geek shadows, my favourite palette EVER is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! I love this baby so much!! It is very pigmented and its a great neutral palette with some pops of colour. You can get so many looks with this palette on its own and the best part is that it smells like chocolate!
13. Name some of your favourite youtube beauty gurus.
I watch sooo many youtube beauty gurus and I usually like subscribing to anyone with the same skin type as me, the same foundation shade or the same eye shape. I love Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, Dani from Coffeebreakwithdani, Kathleenlights, NikkiTutorials and Makeup Geek. These people are all my favourite! I also love Teno Penosian, Casey Holmes and Lustrelux!
14. What is your holy grail item and why?
This question is so hard!! I honestly don't know what to say. I guess maybe my Makeup Geek eye shadows. Those shadows are holy grail status for sure!

Lightning round!!
15. Lipstick finish - matte or shine? 
Shine (kinda satin)
16. Nail polish - solid colour or glitter?
Solid Colour
17. Foundation - liquid, solid, or powder?
18. Lip gloss or lip balm?
Lip gloss

Well there it is lovelies! Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you're a part of the CBB!

Monday, 16 February 2015

My Beauty Wishlist

Hello all of you beautiful people!
I decided to do this post because I want these items so bad and I litterally keep going back and forth on the websites and putting them in my cart but not buying them.These are currently the items on my beauty wishlist and I am holding back from buying them because I'm trying to save money. This is so hard!! Im gonna talk about them super quick!

The first thing I desperately want is the LadyMoss lipstick holder tower. This baby holds 116 lipsticks all in one tower that doesn't take up too much space on your vanity. I want it because its so cute and its the perfect way to make sure you use all your lip products!

The second item is the Morphe gunmetal collection brushes. These brushes look amazing and based on my current experience with Morphe their brushes have excellent quality!

Third on the list is the Nars Audacious lipstick in Anna. I know these lipsticks are ridiculously expensive but it is such a unique formula and shade that I really want it!

Fourth item on my beauty wishlist is the 5 drawer acrylic by Muji. I know I already have this product but I want another one to complete the look I want on my vanity. They store blush/bronzer compacts so nice and I've been using a lot more of stuff since purchasing this. 

Fifth item on my list is my most wanted item! I want these babies so bad! In case you couldn't tell already, I love coloupop cosmetics and they recently launched blushes! I am a blushaholic and so I need these in my life! Their formula is amazing for their lippies and eyeshadows so I expect nothing but excellence to come from these blushes! Plus they are super affordable so you can't go wrong with them!

The next two are both from Kat Von D and they are her shade/light palette and the lovely Monarch eyeshadow palette. These gorgeous palettes speak for themselves. Im still on an off about getting these because I have so many palettes already and I dont need more, but hey a girl can wish right?

This is my beauty wishlist! Let me know whats on yours! 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Current Beauty Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

 I have been loving some makeup products throughout January but since we're basically half ways through February already I figured I would title this "Current" beauty favourites! So here they are :)
 First favourite is my Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette. This palette is so great and very affordable. You are not sacrificing quality for the great price, the pigmentation is incredible! You get 28 shades for $28. This palette was so hard to get because the site was hacked the day the palette came out so I was on the website for a good 6 hours trying to get it. They are re-promoting it this month so keep an eye out on Morphe's website for it to come back! I've done a review on this palette already whick you can check out here.
 I've also done a review of this foundation as well! I love it so much and I've been using it non stop these past few months. I mix it with other foundations as well!
 I got this little Manna Kadar hi-lighter cream in my ipsy bag and I don't typically use things like this but I was a little bored of the matte fall/winter face I was pulling off so I mixed it with my foundation one day and fell in love. It is such finely milled shimmer that it doesn't look shimmery, it looks like a gorgeous glow coming through the foundation. It doesn't drastically change the texture of your skin or foundation. I've put a picture below of what it looks like!
 This is the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. This primer is one that was super hyped up but I bought it because people said it was good for oily skin. It is very expensive and thats why I bought the smaller version but its so worth it. It is phenominal at oil control. It has an interesting texture, it doesn't feel like a typical primer. I would really recommend for my oily skin girls!
 I've been wanting to try a new concealer that was lighter weight than my Mac Prolongwear concealer. I love the other one but I like that this has a doe foot applicator. It makes application so easy. This does crease on me however so I have to set it with powder immediately. Lately I've been using it with another concealer under it as well and it hasn't been creasing on me since. I've swatched it below.
 I've been wearing this bad boy pretty much all month. It is the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita. This shade is sold out all the time but I managed to catch it when it was back in stock and I ordered it immediately. It's a brown lipstick with beige/nude understones in it. It is beautiful with a tan or bronzed skin. I love it! It is swatched below!
This is the Anastasia contour kit and it is well worth the hype. Its a great palette to have and I use it all the time! I love the yellow highlighting powder to set under my eyes and the contour shades work well with my skin time!
 This lipliner is the best lipliner I have ever tried! It is so great and its only $3! This is an Avon lipliner in mystery mauve. It is very on trend this season and it works well with litterally any lipstick I put on top of it. It doesn't budge on me either!

These are all my current favourites! I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you've ever tried any of these products!

Friday, 6 February 2015

My Favourite Foundation: EX1 Invisiwear Foundation

Hello again! 

I honestly don't know why I haven't done a post on this foundation until now because it is a hidden gem that everyone should have! I have been using this foundation for about 6 months now. This is my second bottle already and I use it almost everyday! Anyways, I'm gonna get right into this.
The EX1 Invisiwear foundation is a foundation that is sold online on a website called Lookfantastic and it is designed for people with more yellow/olive undertones in their skin. I had being seeing this foundation floating around on youtube and thought I would try it since I have more of a light/medium olive skintone. I ordered the middle shade in F300 and it wasn't too expensive. It was about $20 CAD after the exchange rate which is so cheap for the quality it is.
The foundation has a pump and there is a platform that pushes the foundation up during the time you use it. So none of the product is wasted at all! Also its a really pretty rose gold packaging which I love! 
There are only five shades of this foundation and they are very centered around olive skin tones. The consistency is very interesting. When you first pump it onto your hand it looks thick because it doesn't run or move. But then when you touch it, it feels soooo soft and mousse-like and it melts into your skin so flawlessly! I have combo skin and I get really oily on my nose and this foundation lasts on me all day. It gives me such an effortless natural look while still providing excellent medium to full coverage. It is buildable and doesn't look cakey. 
The foundation has a natural finish, not matte but not dewy, its kind of inbetween. Even when I use other foundations I can't help but pump some of this on top and blend them together. It works well with my Makeup Forever HD foundation and my Estee Lauder Double Wear. It also works great with my L'oreal True Match! It just makes any foundation suit my olive/warm skin tone! I do wear a primer with it but thats mainly because I don't like the feeling of foundation straight on my skin. I usually wear a primer with any foundation.

I am absolutely obsessed with this foundation, like I mentioned this is my second bottle and I will always repurchase it!