Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Makeup Review: Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows

Hello again ladies! I have been litterally waiting till I finished my exam today to get this makeup review. It's finally here, the amazing Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows! I was so excited when I got these shadows because Marlena, the owner of Makeup Geek makes amazing products! I am such a big fan of her products and I had been waiting for these shadows to come out for a while now!

Anyway on with the review! So these eyeshadows sell for $9.99 a pop or $89.99 for the set of 10 shadows. They are a little more expensive than the regular eyeshadows because the formula is  different. Upon swatching these shadows they feel really soft, and buttery and to the touch even though they are a powder. They remind me a lot of Stila's Magnificent Metal Foil Eyeshadows except you don't need a mixing medium to get the optimal pigmentation and they have less fallout. These shadows are also half the price of the Stila shadows. 

You can buy these shadows here!
I wish my swatches really showed how amazing these shades are in person! These are just swatched with my finger with one swipe into the shadow. I did not use any primer or mixing medium. They are advertised as a foiled shadow that does not need a primer and that will last all day! Some shades look patchy but they really are not. I have applied them to my lids and they look amazing and apply great with your fingers or a brush. Using a brush though, you might have to dip in twice to the product just to achieve the desired pigmentation. 

 They are very metallic eyeshadows but at the same time they are quite wearable. The shades that Marlena came up with are so perfect and really can be used everyday. The shade In The Spotlight is a stunning champagne lid colour to pop on everyday with Grandstand blended in the outer corners. They are so great and I strongly recommend them to everyone.

One shade in particular is very special. It is called Caitlin Rose and it was named after a girl who was battling Batten Disease. So if you buy any shade, buy Caitlin Rose because all profits from that shadow goes towards fighting Batten Disease.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know what you think below!


  1. Great post! i love the mesmerized and caitlin rose shadows! i've been wanting to try out some foil shadows but haven't gotten the chance, i heard a lot about the stila kitten foil shadow and how amazing it is. Have you tried the stila foil shadows?

    1. I have tried kitten in a sephora store and the lady put it on my lids. She did one eye with the mixing medium and one without. It came of kind of chunky and uneven with the mixing medium and without it there was a lot of fallout. These shadows are stunning while being wearable and have less fallout. The only shade that was less metallic but still a stunning shade was the shade called showtime. But I love it for the outer corner! I would say you should try mesmerized, in the spotlight, flame thrower, and grandstand. Those ones are my favourites!!

  2. Oh my goodness- those shades look fantastic! I seriously need to get caitlin rose and center stage!

    1. You totally should! They are stunning shadows!! I love them! And Grandstand is my favourite!!


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