Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Makeup Essentials

It's finally sweater weather!! I love the fall so much because of the amazing weather and the amazing fashion! lol I have been waiting all summer for fall to come just so I can start wearing my dark lippies! I've taken some pictures of my favourite glosses, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks to wear for fall. Hope you guys like my choices and let me know what your faves are!

For anyone who wants that Kylie Jenner lip, the lipstick called Twig from Avon is on point! The closest colour I've seen so far and they have a matte version in their many lines of lipstick.

I also love matte eye shadows for the fall and this pallette is perfect because it is an all matte pallette! It's called Naturally Pretty by It cosmetics and it comes with one transforming shade that makes the other shades shimmery if desired. Here it is!
The shades are so fall appropriate too! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! Happy fall :)

PS: Inspiration for this post is from the lovely Saba and her blog A Hijabi Fashionista. Please check out her page, its great!


  1. Aww thanks for the mention! I'm glad i inspired you :)
    And great post! I really wanted to the It Cosmetics palette but i didn't get it because i would end up with too many neutral palettes lol and i still haven't pick up the Too Faced melted lipstick but i plan on getting it soon! :)

    1. Your posts are always so inspiring! Im glad you liked it and seriously pick up some too faced melted lipsticks! They are so great, i think you would really love melted fig. Its a gorgeous muted purple!! Perfect for fall!

    2. Great post, the Goddess of the Sea and the Mulberry gloss look so pretty!
      I love Fall :D

    3. They are the best! and they are definitely more wearable than some other shades!

  2. nice post i am just preparinf my vanity for fall too

    btw i am following you via google+
    i hope you visit and follow my blog too

    1. thank you for checking out my blog! I'll definitely check out yours as well!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Im definitely wearing all of them for fall!


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