Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Makeup Essentials

It's finally sweater weather!! I love the fall so much because of the amazing weather and the amazing fashion! lol I have been waiting all summer for fall to come just so I can start wearing my dark lippies! I've taken some pictures of my favourite glosses, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks to wear for fall. Hope you guys like my choices and let me know what your faves are!

For anyone who wants that Kylie Jenner lip, the lipstick called Twig from Avon is on point! The closest colour I've seen so far and they have a matte version in their many lines of lipstick.

I also love matte eye shadows for the fall and this pallette is perfect because it is an all matte pallette! It's called Naturally Pretty by It cosmetics and it comes with one transforming shade that makes the other shades shimmery if desired. Here it is!
The shades are so fall appropriate too! 

Hope you enjoyed the read! Happy fall :)

PS: Inspiration for this post is from the lovely Saba and her blog A Hijabi Fashionista. Please check out her page, its great!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

I'm not perfect and thats ok!

Salam ladies! I just wanted to post real quick about something that hit me yesterday and it made me feel like an idiot. Recently I've gained quite a bit of weight due to a certain brand of birth control I was taking and it bothers me a lot when I see myself because I feel foreign in my own body. I've become so uncomfortable in my own skin its ridiculous. From the moment I get up to the moment I fall asleep I feel like I have to constantly remind myself to suck in or stand up straight or don't hunch my shoulders because it will make you look even worse. 

Even my face bothers me. I got a black eye a while back from bumping heads with my friend by accident and it made one side of my face almost lift, so I have one eyebrow that is significantly higher than the other and its quite noticeable because my brows are big. Of course I'm the only one that notices this but it bothers me soooo much! I'm cautious of what side to stand on in pictures and what side to sit in class so that people dont have to focus on the "ugly" side of my face. Its pathetic and I hate myself for it. 

I used to be the most confident girl with big eyebrows and didn't care who knew. I was always much taller than my friends and had broad shoulders but I owned them. I was never the girl that was uncomfortable with how she looked until now. I used to love every imperfection in myself and I really didnt care what others thought. But the moment I gained some weight and started really noticing and over-analysing myself I became that girl. The self-concious girl that couldn't stand herself anymore. Not everyone notices of course, since Im tall and wear looser clothing it hides a lot and no one can really tell, but I can and it kills me. Until yesterday.

I was getting ready for an interview I had and I was so excited for it. I was choosing my outfit and really focussing on my makeup. I have to say I did really good makeup yesterday because the interview was for a cosmetics company. I liked my look and then I went to the interview. It was a group interview and I sat closest to the itnerviewers with the ugly side of my face facing them. I was so upset from the beginning and I got so nervous that they were going to think I didn't look good or that my eyebrows are weird or that I looked to big or something. I was fidgety but tried to keep cool and I could not sit comfortably. 

I stressed so much when I was in that interview about how I looked that when I caught myself in a mirror on the way out I almost laughed out loud. I looked at myself and next to other girls I was thinking in my head "dammnn, you look good!" haha but seriously I felt like an idiot, my makeup was flawless, my clothes were really nice, I was still big and busty but it didnt seem so bad. I just felt so stupid for feeling like a nervous wreck in the interview because I looked fine. Walking out of the interview, the lady doing the interview even complimented my makeup! I was shocked. I just felt so stupid and realized I'm ok. I am fine, I look fine, I should feel fine.

Thats my goal now. I want to start losing the weight and I signed up for a gym membership so hopefully that will bring some confidence back. And also I want to learn to stop stressing so much about what side of my face looks better and what eyebrow is higher or lower. I need to find the old me again and Inshallah I will.

Sorry if this was kind of heavy or weird. I just had to vent. Im not looking for compliments or anything, I just feel like I'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes. I realized yesterday how silly it is to feel this way!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Review: Lorac Pro 2

Hello bloggers! I've decided to skip the monthly favourites this month in order to review some new beauty products I bought in August. I live in Canada so certain makeup brands are not available here and do not ship to Canada either. So, I drove down to the U.S and finally explored the amazing store that is ULTA Beauty!! I was so excited, I was litterally squealing with joy as we got closer. When I walked in I felt like I wanted hug all the people that worked there. Lol anyway I did some damage and left super happy with a bag full of products I've had my heart set on buying for years! 

One of the newer items I picked up was the Lorac Pro 2 palette and I was certainly not disappointed. I apologise because my camera truly doesn't do these shades justice. 

These pictures are swatched with one swipe pigmentation. I did not even use a primer! They are so buttery and creamy and the tiniest amount goes a long way! The shades have cooler tones as opposed to the original lorac pro palette. They are both great palettes and their quality is phenominal! 

Some of the darker shades have the slightest bit of fallout if too much is picked up on the brush so I would just gently tap off the excess before applying to your eyelids.

I have a lot more reviews to come of some awesome products so let me know if you guys like what you see!

11 more questions

Hello Ladies! I was nominated again for the Liebster award by the lovely Reshah. Please make sure to check out her inspiring blog! This time around, I will just be answering the questions but if you enjoy them please feel free to answer them yourself and let me know so I can check out your answers! 

1. How did you come across blogging?
I've always read my favourite blogs from various youtubers but I never really started blogging until I saw my friend Lena from escapeandlove's blog. Her blog was so inspiring to me and it really triggered the old writer in me. I started my blog just to vent and it ended up translating into a beauty and lifestyle type blog. I'm happy with it and I got to meet some lovely bloggers online because of it!

2. Do you read? What are your three top favourite books?
Yes, I love reading! I love the Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games trilogy and the book I mentioned in my last post called Loser by Jerry Spinelli.

3. What is your favourite quotation?
Always appreciate things before they're gone.

4. Are you a red, pink or nude lips kind of person?
I love me some red lipstick! The darker and vampier the better!

5. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Loud, funny, whiny

6. What do you dislike the most?
I dislike a LOT of things. Choosing the worst of the worst is tough.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I'm not quite sure but hopefully I want to be working at a job I love, maybe living in a house with my husband. I would like to have a child by that point hopefully.

8. What genre movie would you choose to watch?
Comedy for sure!

9. What is your favourite makeup brand?
This is tricky because I don't have a favourite. But I use eye shadow a lot and if I had to choose my favourite eye shadow company it would be Makeup Geek. They have the best eye shadows on the market and their price point is great!

10. You had to leave your house in a hurry, what would you not leave the house without (makeup wise)?
I would have to choose lipstick for sure. That is really the only thing I ever need to touch up during the day.

11. If you had to wear bright red cheeks or have drawn in eyebrows, which one would you choose?
My eyebrows are pretty thick already so I would choose bright red cheeks! 

Feel free to answer these questions yourselves. I've already nominated a few people in my last post, so I'll leave it open to whoever wants to try it this time around! 

Friday, 5 September 2014