Friday, 18 July 2014

Makeup Review: Colour Pop Eyeshadows

Ladies and gentleman I have discovered the latest creation in eye shadow formulas! Just kidding, but seriously these eyeshadows are fairly new and they are AMAZING!!! One of my favourite beauty gurus on youtube talked about these shadows in one of her recent videos and after the video I immediately ordered a bunch of them because the formula really intrigued me! The company is called Colour Pop and they are made and situated in the U.S. They ship international and their price point is $5 a shadow which is nice and wallet friendly. They come packaged tightly and safely! I was quite impressed with all the padding. Also they include a cute little personalized letter which is a nice touch.

The best way I can describe the formula is basically that these shadows are a hybrid between the consistency and feel of Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blushes and the pigmentation of Makeup Geek eye shadows. Basically they are cream to powder finish. It is really interesting because if you push into the shadow pot your finger will sink in, but once applied to the lids they have the application and blendability of powder shadows. Their pigmentation is amazing with little to no fallout! You don't need to use these shadows as a base for other powder shadows because they apply like powder shadows and their pigmentation is intense already. They do not crease and they wear all day! The best way to apply these eyeshadows is either with your fingers or with a synthetic eyeshadow brush because with synthetic brushes, the product with sit on top and not sink deep into the bristles, allowing you to get the most out of the shadows. 

Below are all the shades I bought with names and swatches. When I purchased them they had a deal going on where if you spend $30 you get $5 off so I bought seven and honestly I can't wait to buy more. 

This is one of their tie dye eyeshadows and it has a metallic finish.

This eyeshadow is a warm brown with a satin finish.

This eyeshadow is an electric neon coral with gold glitter.

This shadow is an intense metallic, liquid-like gold.

This shadow is a true emerald with shimmery finish.

This shadow is a stunning cobalt blue with violet and silver shimmer.

This shadow is a black shadow saturated with intense purple glitter.

These are all the shadows I purchased this time and next I order I might get some more neutral shades because my favourite of this purchase was the colour desert! It makes a great crease colour to tone down some of these vibrant shades. 

I love these eyeshadows and I strongly recommend them for anyone who wants to try something new without breaking the bank!

Here's a link to their website:


  1. Lovely tones. I love the brown tones for the eyeshadows. I love natural and nude make up but do ov to have some fun with the vibrant colours. The black shadow with purple would be too intense for my skin tone but it looks very sassy! Desert and warm brown all the way!

    1. I love the neutral tones too but I already have so many palettes full of neutrals so I wanted to test some of the more vibrant colours in this particular brand. I love how pigmented they are and they wear beautifully!

  2. I love the eyeshadows, they look super pigmented and I love the wide range of colours they have available. xx

    1. They are so great! If they are taken care of they will last so long! And the colour selection is great!


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