Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Appreciate the little things

My entire life I've had a version of a quote that I kept in mind and that was to always appreciate things while they are in front of you because once they're gone they will be missed. I've been feeling this lately with everything in my life. I try my best to appreciate everything and everyone around me but at the same time when I have a bit of bad luck I start resenting things. Recently I've been trying to appreciate all the little things in my life, especially because of everything happening with me currently. Just appreciating my health and my family because it can all change in a second. My parents are coming back today Inshallah from Lebanon because they were there on vacation, but things took a turn when my mom had to have emergency surgery. Alhamdulilah, she had the surgery and is doing great but it certainly opened my eyes and made me aware that no one is invincible. It made me appreciate my mother so much more and having her gone for so long has been difficult. It made me appreciate my dad who is there with her, because it was a hard thing to have to know his wife had to have surgery while they were away from us. I also appreciate the work and effort it takes to run a household. I'm married myself so I've moved out and have been running a house which was hard already, but when they left I found myself running two houses and making sure both houses were cleaned, had bills paid and things like that. I'm just more appreciative of everyone and everything around me. All of my close family and friends who have been taking time out of their day to check in on my brothers and I, and taking the time to cook and bring my brothers food. Everyone has been so wonderful and it warms my heart to know that Allah has guided people to check in on us. I just wanted to write this to remind people to say Alhamdulilah for everything and to remind your loved ones that you love them. 


  1. Such an insprirational post!
    Im sorry to hear about your mom, i hopes shes fine
    This post has made me realise u should appreciate and be positive and inshallah i will try to do that more


    1. Thanks hun! Yah, its crazy how things happen! Alhamdilah though my mom ia doing well and inshallah I'll be seeing her in about an hour! Thank youu!

  2. loved this post!! I am so happy your mommy is doing better alhamdiallah!


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