Saturday, 3 May 2014

Makeup Review: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I've gotten back into using eyeshadows a bit more just because I'm done school so I have more time to play with makeup. I've been a big fan of Marlena from Makeup Geek on youtube and as many of you know, she is the CEO of her company called Makeup Geek and they make makeup obviously! She is infamous for her amazing eye shadows because they are very inexpensive for their excellent quality! I have bought thirteen shadows so far and I love them so much! I find myself reaching for them all time when doing eye looks because the shadows are super pigmented and they last all day! The picture below consists of thirteen makeup geek eyeshadows and the bottom five are mac eyeshadows. At first I was buying mac shadows but they are $12 a pan whereas the makeup geek pans are $5.99. So there was no question as to what the better buy was!  

Colours from left to right: (first row) Frappé, Shimma Shimma, Beaches & Cream, Cinderella, Crème Brulee, Beached Blonde, (second row) Last Dance, Sensuous, Drama Queen, Prom Night, Hipster, Homecoming, and Envy (emerald shade).

Just for fun, the five bottom Mac shades are: Shale, Mythology, Malt, Brulé, and Vanilla.

Here are some swatches of the eyeshadows on my arm. These are a one time swipe colour pay off just to show the amazing colour pay off these shadows. 

These are the swatches without any primer or base under them which I found to still be an amazing pay off! I strongly recommend these shadows to anyone that wants a good eye shadow for cheap!
Let me know if you guys have tried Makeup geek, hopefully this review helped anyone who was thinking about buying them!


  1. I been wanting to try the Makeup Geek eyeshadows for a while now! i guess i should buy them soon, i've always seen good reviews about them.

    1. Omg you will not regret it! They are simply amazing! I wish I swatched some of the bottom mac shadows just to show a difference in pigmentation, there is no comparison! Makeup geek for the win!

  2. this post has good timing i want to start experimenting with more eyeshadows I just didnt know where to start! I'm gonna look into these :D the colours look soooo pigmented!

    1. They are just perfect, I prefer them over Mac easily!


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